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Those who collect coins and stamps already have a substantial stake in collectibles investing, well know that all coins are not equal. The Free Coin Price Guide provides coin values from coin production in originating in many countries of the world, from the origins of coin production to today. This Free Online Coin Price Guide favors US coin values and Canadian coin values, however representation can be found from Europe and both the near and far East. The stamp price guide provides current values of collectibles for stamps from the United States, Canada and European countries including Great Britain, France and Germany.

Coin Values

The numismatic value of a coin is influenced by numerous factors. Gold coin values and silver coin values are heavily influence by precious metal commodity prices. Rare coin values by scarcity and coin condition. When buying or selling coins, numismatic coin values will be determined by market conditions and market price. As each coin is unique, this free online coin price attempts to provide coin collectors with an estimated fair market price for particular types of coins and a range of high and low prices from recent coin sales when available.

US Mint Coins

Collecting values and coin price guides for US Mint Sets including US Mint Proof Sets and Uncirculated Mint Sets issued by the United States government. Uncirculated Mint Sets are coin sets especially produced by the US Mint for sale to coin collectors and investors. These US mint sets contain uncirculated coins of that year’s coin issues for each coin denomination released from each of the US mints. US Mint coins housed in their original mint set packaging generally command a premium over common business strike US Mint coins produced for general circulation.

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